Tuesday, February 06, 2007

BBC NEWS | Health | Big shake-up for maternity care

So, hang on a minute. If the "best doctors" and consultants will all be at regional super-centres and my humble little local hospital is just midwife led, what happens when it all goes pear shaped 12 hours into labour and there is no consultant to call?

And to think that the NHS was born out of the desire for equality of care for all.

BBC NEWS | Health | Big shake-up for maternity care


Anonymous said...

There will be an extremely anxious ambulance ride I should imagine.

They are doing this at Huddersfield - moving everything over to halifax. We were told (on the sly) that if you wanted to be in the hospital with the doctors then you needed to say you want an epidural - then a dr needs to be present. then you just change your mind when the time comes (unless you want one obviously).

Of course that doesn't help if you live miles away from your super-hospital - but we're about equidistant. fortunately evan was born before all the changes anyway.

Steve said...

Thanks Dan.

When Oliver was born we had planned a birthing pool with serene Buddhist music in the background. In the event the birth pool went out of the window and the music was the backdrop to induction and an epidural. I can't imagine Hayley wanting to rule out an epidural this time so your strategy sounds wise.

I don't know where my super-hospital will be yet. I'd better start asking!

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