Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We have our piano!


Last week I went to see the piano that a friend of ours had offered us before Christmas. Today it was finally delivered. Hayley and Oliver were out at the time so I gave it a quick "once over" with a duster. When Oliver came in he went straight over to it saying "up, up..." to be put on the stool. As you can see (below) he didn't even take his coat off before banging out a tune.


I'm no expert in pianos so I asked the guy (from a piano shop) who delivered it whether it was any good. His rather diplomatic answer implied that it was no Steinway! However, on further probing and after playing a few keys, he basically said that it was a very old piano which may not stand any drastic repairs but it was basically sound and - with some proper tuning and a little TLC - playable.

This of course really doesn't do it justice. Apart from being a beautiful piece of furniture in its won right (and made in Manchester too), it is a piano steeped in the history of the previous owner who had it for 60 years. I feel I am not just acquiring a piano, I am continuing a story and a tradition of loving music and enjoying all that communally shared music can offer within a family and beyond. Anyone who has read Annie Proulx's "Accordion Crimes" might know what I am trying to say.

I can't wait to get someone to look at tuning and it and fixing up the odd dead keys and dodgy notes so that I can play it. Of course, Oliver just can't wait to play it.



Reservoir Mog said...

Hope Jolivia gets to see these, she'd be thrilled to bits!

Steve said...

I've posted her a letter and a photo at the weekend. She's coming round sometime too to see it in its new home.

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