Tuesday, February 20, 2007


A report published yesterday said that children under three years old should watch no television whatsoever and that older children should watch no more than 30 minutes rising to 60 minutes with age.

Fat chance! OK, Oliver doesn't tend to watch more than about 30 minutes per day (and often loses interest before that), but there are certain programmes he loves.

Yesterday when I got home from work I sat down with him to have a cup of tea and watch Boogie Beebies. I lay back on the sofa and he sat on my stomach. We sat watching Numberjacks, waiting for it to end. "This is a bit dull isn't it mate", I consoled him "but don't worry Boogie Beebies is on in a couple of minutes". His head shot around to look at me and exclaimed "Beebies!". When it came on a few minutes later he remained seated on my stomach but jigged and twisted about in delight at the theme tune.

The programme starts with a warm up exercise, loosening up the fingers, then hands, then arms, etc. until all extremities are covered. Oliver watched and duly flexed his fingers as requested (which was just the cutest thing to see), then arms, and so on.

When the show was over I turned off the TV and read a book with him instead. No complaint was made.

I don't think watching TV is too bad for Oliver in small doses, especially if I watch too and interact with him. (Did I mention that he had me joining in the dance for "big video time" at the end?) And anyway, I know plenty of cases where TV-watching toddlers have grown into responsible and respectable young adults.

Of course I too grew up watching the children's TV of my day. And it didn't do me any harm.... did it?!


Anonymous said...

I have to join in with the big video too. Not a pretty sight.

Amy watches about 60 -90 minutes of TV a day max, and I really can't see a problem with that. CBeebies is stimulating, semi-educational, and age appropriate.

And anyway, i fancy Sarah-Jane.

Incidently did you know that Poi used to be in the Po suit in tellytubbies, and Justin is the voice for both jake and Doodles in the Tweenies.

Reservoir Mog said...

just wondering if you were a 'Magpie' kid or a 'Blue Peter' kid...

Blue Peter kids think they are grown up and responsible, Magpie kids never made inflammable Xmas decorations as far as I recall... :)

Steve said...

Blue Peter. You have to remember I grew up with John Noakes as one of the presenters. Never was there a man better suited to presenting a kids programme. He did everything "warts and all" and always gave the impression that he was as astonished as we were that he had managed to complete whatever decorative or culinary task he had undertaken. Even at the age of about 8 or 9 I remember thinking, "well if he can do it, so can I"!

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