Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekend highlights

Oliver in Mummy's hat

Oliver in his Mummy's hat (above).

Hayley and I went to the cinema! We haven't managed that in ages. Sara kindly baby-sat and we saw "Notes from a Scandal". Not bad. But just getting out with Hayley for an evening was worthwhile in itself. And the jumbo bag of popcorn wasn't bad either.

Group hugs. Oliver has started to understand these now. If he sees me hugging Hayley he runs up with his arms outstretched to join in. This morning we even each got a kiss too.

"Mama". Last night I went into Oliver's room to check on him. He was asleep, but as I looked down at him I saw him hug Julien, roll onto his side and say "Mama". Adorable. I just wish Hayley had been there.

Off down the pub! It has to be done doesn't it. Sunday afternoon, Man Utd are on Sky TV, so what better than to go and watch it down the pub with a few drinking buddies while the other half looks after the toddler.

By the way, I was the one looking after the toddler!