Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tonight Oliver is mostly laughing at...

  • Daddy running up the stairs. He stands at the top of the stairs rattling the stair gate until I run up from the bottom in a few quick bounds and press my face against the bars causing him to retreat in fits of laughter. At one point he was laughing so hard he collapsed onto the floor doubled up.

  • "Finito!" My Mum first made him laugh with this word on holiday in September by saying it in a high pitched excitable fashion. It was still working tonight as Hayley explained to him that there was no more milk in his bedtime bottle. The chuckling sounds just as cute over the baby monitor.

  • Mummy trying to grab him from Daddy's arms. It's a new bedtime game. Hayley sits on the sofabed in his room watiing to give him his milk. I carry him over from his washbasin where he has been cleaning his teeth, but as I near Hayley she reaches up to grab him and I rush backwards and away with him. We repeat this several times, each time Oliver leaning out towards Hayley before excitedly recoiling when she lurches forward in dramatic fashion to grab him. Miraculously he still goes to sleep on cue only a few minutes later. Bliss!