Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chatter box

Oliver is talking more now. Usually only single words, but lots of them. Every morning when he gets up we look out of the window for birds and planes. So "aeroplane" is one of his new words.

Another one is down to Hayley's habit of saying "right!", when she gathers her thoughts before doing something. On getting ready to go out she will say "right", quickly echoed by Oliver, "right!".

Other favourites are things he likes to point out to me that he wants but can't reach. "Train", "snap" (for his snap playing cards), "bubbles", "La La" (for his Teletubby), "chair" for when he wants to get up into his chair to eat, "up" to be picked up, "down" to go downstairs. And that morning favourite, "toast"! And if he doesn't know the word, the old technique of pointing and frantically saying "dis, dis, dis...!" does the trick.

The one that made me laugh most recently is that when he has finished his meal, he not only says he has finished, but now passes me the plate and says "away!".

Talking of laughing it is funny to see how he has his own sense of humour. The other day I was tidying up in the living room while Oliver sat on ths sofa and watched Boogie Beebies. At one point Boogie Pete pretended to chase after a tractor that was shown driving away on the backdrop, shouting after it "wait for me!". Well, Oliver found this hilarious. We spent much of the evening mimicing Pete's actions and causing Oliver to reach ever greater levels of mirth, especially when we threw in a few fake trips as we ran.