Saturday, March 03, 2007

Super Saturday? Too right!

On one!
Oliver, "on one" at Dave and Hayley's".

According to the sports writers last Saturday was "Super Saturday" because all the six nations rugby teams played. Well, frankly that wasn't half as super as the Saturday we had to today.

I took Oliver to town and walked him around on his reigns which he loved. We checked his shoe size at Clarks - current shoes fine for a few more weeks. Then he enjoyed a ride on the Merry Go Round in the Mersey Square.

Merry Go Round

I'll get a better shot next time round...

Merry Go Round

Drat! Missed him again. Darn this slow camera phone!

After that we visited Dave and Hayley to collect some bike bits from Dave but also to catch up with Lewis who is about 2 months younger than Oliver and his big sister Izzy.

By the time we got home it was early afternoon. But no sooner were we through the door than all three of us trekked down to Sara, Manny and Jack to watch United vs Liverpool. We were all delighted when United (who had failed to dominate the game) won with an injury time goal.

After a trip to the park for Sara, Hayley and the boys it was Fish and Chips for dinner (postponed from last night when Hayley and I went out for dinner with my Mum and Del).

The final hour before bedtime was spent with Oliver in the giggliest of moods, lying on the sofa playing peekaboo or just running round having fun. At one point I noticed him running in and out of the kitchen singing. After a few seconds I realised he was doing the Hokey Cokey! So we jumped up from the sofa and joined in with him, which he loved. After a few minutes of putting in/out and shaking about three out of four limbs he wandered off to play with a puzzle, which was handy as Mummy and Daddy were a bit out of breath!

After he'd gone to bed we chilled out reading the paper and magazines, half watching Casualty.

It may not sound much to some, but that's what I call a super Saturday.