Monday, March 05, 2007

Papa's got a brand new bag

Every Saturday morning I pay the price of not keeping track of what I put where. I get up full of good intentions about taking Oliver out early, then spend half an hour re-stocking the changing bag and hunting down his hat, coat, reigns, shoes, gloves, etc.

So on Saturday morning when no amount of searching could dig out his reigns, I took him into town and bought another set. Then on Sunday Hayley picked me up this rather snazzy changing bag from Tesco which I have duly stocked with wet-wipes, nappies, etc.

All I need to do now is populate it with all the other essentials of our Saturday morning jaunts and then resist all temptations to go in there and borrow them for general use during the week.

I have to say I am quite fond of my new "man bag". It certainly beats the big blue Huggies bag for me. In fact when my two subscription magazines arrived this weekend, I found myself reaching first for "FQ" rather than "What Mountain Bike". It remains to be seen whether this will result in a reduction in Daddy's spending on boys' toys.


Anonymous said...

I've never hear. Is it any good?

Steve said...

Do you mean the bag or "FQ", or even What Mountain Bike? As I'm not sure it gives me an excuse to review all three.

The bag is pretty good and comes with its own changing mat (which isn't mentioned in the description).

Although FQ has a few too many ads for overpriced clothes, cars and (funnily enough) changing bags, it is still a good read. First-time fathers will find it especially useful (he said, trying to sound like an old pro).

What Mountain bike is full of my dream bikes, therefore it rocks (and rolls obviously).

Anonymous said...

I meant FQ - the day you see me on a mountain bike is the same day you'll hear about me being admitted to hospital with a heart attack.

For some reason blogger ate my comment, I had been more specific.

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