Sunday, March 11, 2007

What a difference a year makes

After taking Oliver to Bruntwood Park yesterday I thought it would be interesting to compare the picture I took of him on the swings with one taken a year ago on the same swing.

Oliver now.

Oliver and Niamh on the swings
Oliver a year ago.

I think you'll agree that the difference is quite striking. Our bouncing baby is now more a bounding little boy, as is borne out by his independent negotiation of the big slide in the same playground.


That's not the only difference to a year ago. Back then we were struggling with his very broken sleep patterns and consequently exhausted. Nowadays I have to admit that we have life very easy in comparison. He may sometimes be a noisy sleeper but it is rare that we have to go in to him. And when we do, such as a few nights ago when I found him sitting up in his cot gently crying, he justs needs a little reassurance and generally lies back down to go back to sleep of his own accord. What a little superstar! I almost always find myself leaving the room saying to myself "bless him".