Friday, March 23, 2007

Scan at 21 weeks

Scan at 21 weeks

We got a better view of Bumper yesterday when we had the "20 weeks" scan (which actually took place at exactly 21 weeks).

Before going in for the scan we waited in the waiting room where Oliver played with the cooker and read books by himself, amusing and entertaining the nearly full waiting room with his reading and offers of plates and lego "cakes". One guy asked how old he is and said "he's so bright". Well, if you measure intelligence by loudness, he's a genius!

When we got round to the scan we popped Oliver in the buggy (to avoid him running rings round me like last time). According to the sonographer everything looked fine on the scan. The first part was carried out by a student under the sohographer's direction and seemed to take ages without us being told much. This was not exactly welcome as Hayley needed the loo and I was expecting Oliver to become fractious in the semi-dark room with not much to do in his pushchair. I placated him with some snacks and a book, but in fact he was very well behaved.

We have been explaining to him that he will have a little baby brother or sister soon and several times yesterday during the scan he said "baba" as he pointed and waved at the screen.

Bumper was wriggling a lot. Eventually he/she settled down a little. As the sonographer took the measurements we caught sight of a little foot, so clear! And at another point his/her little knees.

We left with these three snaps, feeling happy that everything seems to be going just fine and drove home singing nursery rhymes with Oliver. Did I mention he's loud?