Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Back home

Lucy is home again. She definitely isn't her old self again yet but at least she's better than this time last night and hopefully over the worst. The test for the RSV virus was positive, so the doctors say this confirms bronchiolitis as the most likely cause of her problems.

Hayley is giving her a last feed as I type. Her routine has been rather wrecked by this illness, so it remains to be seen whether her ultra-reliable 10.30pm - 7am sleeping will kick back in as she recovers. It doesn't look good tonight so far.

At least she was well enough to lie on the sofa cooing and smiling at me for 20 minutes tonight. It's just a shame that I was so engrossed (read as besotted) with her that I forgot to bring Oliver's milk upstairs on time. He took it well though. Ever the understanding big brother.