Tuesday, November 06, 2007

In overnight again

I just heard from Hayley. They are keeping Lucy in overnight again. However, they seem hopeful that (assuming it is bronchiolitis) she should be through the worst by this time tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

So I'm off to bed. Poor Hayley doesn't have a bed in her hospital room yet.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I've only just caught up with my blog reading, so I didn't know she was in hospital.

It seems your and my children are somehow linked. Either that or breathing problems are quite common in young children (I probably suspect the latter). Evan was in and out twice in the space of three days a couple of weeks ago with similar stuff.

Hope everything is ok.

Steve said...

Thanks Dan.

I noticed Evan seems to have had similar episodes. Apparently bronchiolitis is most common in babies under 6 months old, though clearly it extends well beyond that.

I don't know whether being a health professional helps you cope with the whole "going into hospital" thing or whether that might make it worse.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't bronchiolitis this time, just an unspecified breathing problem. In fact he's got it again tonight and we're anticipating a trip to A&E at some point tonight if things get any worse.

He's been an inpatient 5 times since he was born, I just haven't blogged about all of them. It never has been more than one night in hospital though, whch we are thankful for.

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