Monday, November 05, 2007

In hospital overnight


Lucy is being kept in hospital overnight. It seems that like Oliver last December, she has bronchiolitis. Hopefully it will clear up in a few days, but given her symptoms she is being kept in to be sure.

So Oliver and I are at home tonight while Hayley and Lucy spend the night in the hospital. I remember from the time I stayed there with Oliver that a good night's sleep is unlikely to be on the cards, although Lucy is in her own room, so if she sleeps well and doesn't set off any alarms due to low blood oxygen levels, there's a chance it won't be too bad.

Having said that, it will be hard for Hayley to sleep knowing that Lucy is ill. I know this must be very hard for Hayley. She and Lucy have formed a very strong bond and the little lady dotes on her.

Apparently this evening when Lucy woke she managed a weak groggy, smile, much like this afternoon. It's tough to have to see her so not herself.