Monday, November 05, 2007

Lucy is poorly

Lucy, a couple of days ago.

Lucy has had a cold for the last few days and nights. She is consistently cheerful in spite of this, even when she had a temperature of 101F.

But last night and more particularly today she has not been herself at all. So much so that this morning Hayley took her to the doctors. They confirmed she is wheezing (which was the reason Hayley took her in), said to keep a close eye on her and bring her back immediately if it got worse. They also said to take her to Accident& Emergency if it recurred in the night.

This afternoon she was wailing and also seemed to be struggling for breath. Then she'd fall asleep exhausted, then wake again wailing. It was all very unlike Lucy, so Hayley has called the doctor again and they have asked her to come straight back in (which is out of hours). She's there now as I type.

Before she left I saw Lucy. She looked pale and seemed to be breathing from her stomach. When she woke, she didn't give me her usual huge smile, just a tired slightly groggy look. It really wasn't the Lucy we've come to know at all.

So I'm now home babysitting Oliver who is asleep in his cot. Bless him, when Lucy was wailing he rocked her gently in her car seat, saying "I'm rocking Lucy, Mummy" and even tried to give her a dummy.

I have to put my faith into the medical staff at this point, as otherwise the feeling of helplessness would be overpowering. The doctor said she may need to be given oxygen. She is much younger than Oliver was when he suffered this kind of episode last December and we have been told it is more dangerous for that reason. Hopefully she will be on the mend soon. Right now it's a waiting game to find out whether she has to go into hospital or can come home. I suspect it could well be the former.

It's kind of ironic that this should happen now. Lucy has become a real little character over the last few weeks: an absolute charmer, as good as gold, all smiles and playfulness. Last night Hayley was commenting how much she can see I have really warmed to Lucy after perhaps not bonding as quickly as Hayley did at the start. "She's going to be a right Daddy's girl like he's a Daddy's boy" she laughed as Lucy and I lay on the bed ccoing at each other.