Monday, November 12, 2007

Feeling helpless

Lucy has not been entirely herself since returning from hospital. For a start she has been napping more in the evening and then waking from as early as 4.30am, often needing to be fed by 5.30am to get her back to sleep. Coupled with Oliver's cold which has been troubling him at night, it has left us tired and I've started coming down with a cold too. Let's hope she gets back on track again soon!

But worse than that, this evening she has been crying more than usual, several times going from happy to screaming in seconds, looking distressed and red in the face. We can't tell what is wrong with her. We've checked all the usual things and eliminated them. Her nappies suggest a dodgy tummy, but the truth is it's impossible to really know at this age. We've given her 2.5ml of Calpol as the doctors advised us, but it doesn't seemed to have helped much yet.

It is a helpless feeling, watching a baby suffer. Her eyes seemed to have a look of fear in them tonight as she lay on Hayley's shoulder. Then she looked at me and mustered half a smile. She must feel even more confused and helpless than we do.