Tuesday, January 15, 2008

5 months old


Lucy is 5 months old today. She is still a very contented little lady and still a big smiler to boot.

More notably, in the last few days we have started to give her some "solid" food. Baby rice to start with, mixing in some pureed apple or some other new taste for her to try. From the first time Hayley offered her Baby Rice she took to it with gusto. Her mouth was wide open and she grabbed the spoon!

It's not really surprising. She has been trying to get at our food for a few weeks now, so we'd been thinking of starting her on solids. We only delayed because she wasn't drinking all her milk and because ideally we wanted her to get as close to 6 months old as possible. The latter being because prevailing advice is still that the baby's organs aren't fully developed to handle food until then. (Of course yours truly was probably on solids at 3 months. Times change. Advice changes.)

But once we'd fed Lucy the first time it was obvious she was ready and there was no going back. It has also helped her to sleep through the night again (touch wood). Her recent sleeplessness being another sign she may need to start solids.

She still spends as much time as possible attached to Hayley or myself in the Baby Bjorn carrier. And she seems to have shot up in height. In fact she's a big baby now. I guess she's half way to being a toddler: scary thought! Last night Hayley sat her on her knee and she was virtually able to sit up and keep herself upright unaided, just needing the occasional helping hand when she started to wobble over.

One other thing. She takes after her mother when it comes to her tongue. I don't mean she talks a lot (honest, dear!), I mean she seems to have a long tongue. Hayley is perhaps the only person I know who can touch her nose with her tongue. (Admittedly I don't often put others to the test.) And Lucy seems to be taking after her. My "Lucy Lizard".