Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fire, fire...!!!!

We've been having a few problems with our microwave recently. It also works as a regular oven so we sometimes use it when cooking something small, rather than heating up our big oven.

The other evening I walked into the kitchen to find the spring rolls that Hayley was cooking on fire. The microwave had, for some reason, started to microwave the food as well as cook it as an oven.

Today Oliver had a play-date at home with his friend Cara. While they were playing in the play room (known as the "messy room") next to the kitchen, Hayley walked in to the kitchen to discover the mince pies she was warming had burned badly, filling the room with smoke.

"Oh crumbs, they've burned", she remarked and started to open the kitchen windows. On hearing this Oliver came in to the kitchen and shouted "Fire! Fire!". He and Cara then ran to the dressing up box, grabbed the firemen's helmets and ran around shouting "Fire! Fire!" and laughing.

Having opened the windows, Hayley shut the kitchen door for the smoke to clear. About half an hour later, Oliver said to Cara "Come on Cara, let's see the fire."
"Is there a fire Oliver" asked Mummy.
"Yeah. In the messy room."
"How do you know?"
Hayley laughed. "I'm not going to be able to hide this one from Steve am I!"

"This one"....?


Donna said...

Ah, always knew she was a dark horse, your wonderful missus :)

Didn't you notice the missing roof... ! Oh bugger, she can't hide that one now, either. Sorry Hayley!

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