Tuesday, January 22, 2008

BBC NEWS | England | Lancashire | Girl stabbed in 'frenzied' attack

BBC NEWS | England | Lancashire | Girl stabbed in 'frenzied' attack

This happened in my home town, or at least the town where I went to school, 2 miles from my home in a nearby village. It's a cliche, but if I were there now I'm sure I'd still be saying "but this sort of thing just doesn't happen around here!"

Is my recollection rose-tinted? After all, in a "delph" about a mile from my childhood home, they dragged up the headless body of a murdered man, so we can't have been entirely crime-free.

But I still think this attack is something belonging to the 21st century. In a way I wish it were the other way round. If it belonged to the past, I'd feel the world was becoming a safer place for my kids, but I feel quite the contrary. Metal detectors in schools, proposed by the government today to eliminate knives (and presumably guns), would have been unimaginable in my day. Then again, back then a 6 foot 4 history teacher could happily drag a girl from the classroom by her ear without fear of any comeback. Progress? All depends on your point of view!


Dan said...

I don't think things are getting worse, Ijust think they are staying the same but we hear about it more.

There were gangs fighting with knives in the 50's and 60's. And horrendous tragedy has always happened.

That's what i think anyway.

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