Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Conversation of the Day

The scene: Lucy in her stroller in the kitchen. Oliver making Rice Krispie cakes with his Mummy.

Oliver: "Hello Lucy chubby cheeks".
Hayley (laughing): "Did you just call her chubby cheeks?"
Oliver (smiling): "Yes."
Hayley: "Who calls her that Oliver?"
Oliver: "Daddy." (This is true.)
Oliver (offering Rice Krispie cake to Lucy):"Would you like to taste it Lucy? Here you are."
Hayley: "No darling, Lucy can't eat cake like that."
Oliver: "She'll be hungry."
Hayley: "It's OK she has special milk."

I got home in time for Oliver to give me the special Rice Krispie cake he had made for me: a single, giant white chocolate Rice Krispie cake.
"We share it?" he asked. How could I refuse.