Saturday, January 05, 2008

Taking the strain

Lucy at Tesco

Hayley has taken the strain over the Christmas and New Year break while I have been ill. This morning she woke feeling full of flu, so it was my chance to reciprocate.

Oliver and I delayed our departure for our Tesco breakfast until Lucy was up and had drunk her first bottle, then off the three of us went. This was to be the first time I had taken both my kids out without Hayley there to help.

While Oliver and I tucked into our cooked breakfasts, Lucy sat happily in her car seat (pictured above) wearing her "I may be small but I'm the BOSS" t-shirt, watching us and occasionally throwing one of her toys into my baked beans. Nice.

At the end of the meal she started to grumble and sure enough it was time to head to the baby changing room. Oliver came along happily and sang to me while I changed Lucy. What a cheery chap.

We ended our trip with a ride on "Clifford the big red dog" for Oliver. Always popular.

After popping in at home, Oliver and I headed off to Whale-around (an indoor playground) for a couple of hours, leaving Lucy with Hayley who was still poorly but missing her little girl.

When we returned Oliver was still on best behaviour, despite foregoing any nap all day and he remained cheery and chatty all afternoon while I made dinner, prepared bottles (with Lucy in the Baby Bjorn carrier), played with him and even finally watched football on TV.

Tonight, Hayley went to bed at 9pm, which was as soon as Lucy had her last bottle (a bit earlier than usual!). Both kids were such treasures today that taking the lead in looking after them was easier than I expected. I still know I couldn't do half the job Hayley does with them day in day out though!