Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bedtime cuddles

Oliver can wrap Hayley around his little finger.

Last night he went upstairs for his bath at 7.15 but instead of being in bed by about 7.50 he was still up at 8.15. Why? Because he has realised that Hayley loves him to cuddle her and give her a hug, so when he has nearly finished his bottle and it is time to go into his cot, he will turn on Hayley's lap to face her, put his arms around her neck, put his head on her shoulder and give her a hug. This generally turns Hayley to mush! It also results in her staying up a bit longer playing and chatting with him.

She loves feeding him because most of the time these days he is boisterous but when he is having his bottle he snuggles up to her and sits happily on her lap.

Finally when it is time for him to go into his cot she says the same things to him every night as she carries him in her arms to his crib. "Mummy loves you", and gives him three kisses. "Dadddy loves you" and gives him three kisses. "Julien loves you" and gives him three kisses. (Julien is his favourite cuddly toy.) "God loves you" and one kiss. And finally "And lots of extra kisses" and gives him another half dozen kisses all over his face. This makes him giggle as she puts him down to sleep.

Within a couple of minutes of quiet chatting and hugging Julien he is asleep. Bliss!