Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Crawling (lob-sidedly)

Oliver is becoming more mobile. Yesterday we saw him move about 6 feet across the room to get to the shiny silver dustbuster vaccuum cleaner. He did it by moving on both hands, one knee and one foot. He constantly wants to get to his feet: he doesn't seem to have realised that if he stays on his hands and knees he will move more smoothly.

He is also climbing up the furniture whenever possible. Yesterday he came within a few seconds of eating our freshly signed mortgage application form which was lying on the (previously out of reach) coffee table. I can see our new house is going to need plenty of shelving, several feet off the ground.


Reservoir Mog said...

good news about crawling to the vacuum cleaner, when can he start on the real thing? With a housework phobia and pets, he'll get plenty of practice round my house...

Reservoir Mog said...

another thought...one of the founders of Viz magazine says the best thing to do, at this stage, is buy some safety plugs and a playpen. Make the plugs safe, put all the valuables and breakables in the playpen and let your child have free rein outside it!

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