Monday, June 26, 2006

Mayhem (Mountain related or otherwise)

We've just spent a very enjoyable weekend at Mountain Mayhem 2006. THis is a 24-hour relay mountain bike race that I take part in perenially (and even Hayley had a go one year). It was a short, tough course that was a joy to ride in the warm sunny weather.

I camped with fellow riders while Hayley stayed in a local pub with Oliver and Dawn, wife of team-mate Simon, with their daughter Isabella.

When Dawn and Hayley arrived at the course on Saturday I wasn't sure who was in for a tougher weekend: me doing the race or them coping with two infants and three flights of stairs to get to their rooms. But it turned out we all coped just fine and the end of the weekend saw us all talking about how we'd all camp next year... maybe!