Sunday, June 11, 2006

Phew, what a scorcher!

It's very warm in England at the moment. Daytime temperatures outside are over 25 Celcius and Oliver's room has been as warm as 28 degrees some evenings when he goes to bed. Consequently we put him to bed last night in just his nappy and occasionally put the thinnest of blankets over him. He just kicked it off anyway, which meant we spent half the night getting up hourly to check he was OK. Of course he was fine. It was us who were exhausted in the morning.

We went to Simon and Dawn's today to watch the England game and have a barbecue. Isabella was obviously there (but slept through most of the football). Amber (Tony and Sarah's daughter) was there and another slightly older boy, Sam. They all merrily disrupted our attempts to view the football before enjoying a splash in the paddling pools in the garden. Oh and England beat Paraguay 1-0. All in all a good afternoon.