Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My first...

...Ice cream

Oliver enjoyed his first ice-cream this week. It has been warm all week - in the mid-20s Celcius - and on exiting B&Q the other day there was an ice-cream van parked on the car park. Hayley spent her last 85p on "a baby size cornet please" which Oliver duly tucked into with some gusto! He was opening his mouth as wide as possible and stuffing it right into his face (see above). He loved it!

It's a hot day driving back down the M6 from the Lake District. We stop at the service area and take our angellic little infant into the restaurant area. There he spots some balloons. "Ne ne, ne ne, ne ne.." implores our son while clasping and unclasping his hands to indicate he has seen something he greatly desires. Daddy duly obliges with one of the balloons but explains to Oliver that he can have it once he has finished his food..... fat chance Daddy!!!

Oliver grumbles and whinges and implores and refuses his food until eventually.... tears! Now I always thought those Tom And Jerry cartoons where the baby starts to cry and tears spring out of its eyes were just a device of cartoons. But it really happens! He wailed and cried and looked at us. It was clearly all frustration and Hayley was chuckling rather than getting upset about it. Eventually we calmed him, he ate a bit more food and finally Daddy produced the balloon from under the table where he had been hiding it. Happy again!

Off we went.... and ditched the balloon downstairs five minutes later when Oliver had completely lost interest in it.