Friday, June 09, 2006

On the move

Yesterday Oliver managed to start his first successful crawling movements.... backwards! I shouldn't be surprised. He manages to move his walker every direction but forwards. This morning on the bed he did the same thing, moving a few inches backwards on all fours.

At lunchtime today Hayley rang me to say she had left Oliver happily lying on his back in the living room for 30 seconds but when she came back in he was sitting up and had moved about 2 feet from where he was. Oliver loves standing up whenver possible and continually tries to climb up me when I sit next to him. Daddy has become most useful as a climbing frame.

Coupling all this with the fact that we are seeing him increasingly getting close to getting onto his hands and knees, I think we are going to have to keep a closer eye on him, as the days when he was content in one place seem to be well and truly at an end.

Talking of being on the move, we have accepted an offer on our house and had an offer accepted on the place we want in Heaton Moor. There is still a way to go but we are delighted to be in this position so soon and are already planning Christmas in our new abode.


Reservoir Mog said...

Fingers crossed for the house move! At at this rate, Oliver will be getting himself there quite nicely. Please remember the advice of an earlier post - extendable dog leads really are great for kids... :)

There speaketh a cat person...

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