Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lucy's full name

If you read this blog regularly you'll know that Lucy's full name is Lucy Anne Townley. Hoowever, were you to spend any time around our little family you'd be forgiven for thinking it was something quite different.

Lucy gets called different names by all three of us. My favourite name for her is "Lucy Diamond". We've always called her our little diamond and even sung her the famoous Beatles song which helped us to name her. (It also reminded us of our fun times at the Edinburgh fringe festival where we saw the comedienne Lucy Porter. It also means "bringer of light", which is funny because she loves looking at any kind of light. Several times I've calmed her by rocking her in my arms under the spotlights in ur kitchen. I digress...)

Even Oliver has started to call her Lucy Diamond. The other day as I got her out of the car, quite unprompted he said "come on Lucy Diamond". So cute.

Hayley prefers "Lucy Woosey". Other names we use include "lemon popsicle", "my little cherry tomato" (as I think she just looks like a juicy cherry tomato, with her little round face), and "our china doll" as that's just what she looks like too us now. When she was born I teased Hayley that her wrinkly little face looked more like Les Dawson than either of us, but now I think she has the prettiest little face. I shouldn't be surprised though as I also think she has started to look more like Hayley. :)