Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Normal service will be resumed shortly

If you come to this site via our home website, you may have noticed that some of the addresses that normally point to our home website are now pointing to This is because I am in the process of moving our home website to be hosted by them, but it has not gone as smoothly as one might hope (b!*%dy computers!).

By the time it is sorted out you should be able to get to our home website at and

This blog isn't moving. In fact I was thinking this morning what great value for money it is (for me). I don't pay a penny for it and yet I can post lots of pictures to it and generally do everything I need with it. About the only cost I could think of is that I'm supporting the ever growing influence of Google (who own Blogger), into an Internet superpower. But as I like all Googles gizmos and gadgets I can't say I'm too bothered today at their rise to cyber hegemony.

As well as changing my web-hosting, I'm also changing broadband provider. And phone company. And gas and elctricity suppliers for good measure. You see, Hayley has been in Wiltshire for the last couple of days with Oliver and Lucy. (I still get a kick out of writing and seeing the words "Oliver and Lucy" - still pinching myself that I have TWO kids now!!) Anyway, I have taken the opportunity to shake up our finances and save a few quid here and there. Once it's all sorted I'm sure I'll be glad I've done it, provided I don't tear all my hair out in the meantime when all these hand-overs go wrong.

Normal blogging service has also taken a back seat, but hopefully I'll catch up over the next few days.

I know Hayley is looking forward to some resumption of normality when she comes home, as she has had a right old time of it while away. On the way down her car started playing up. To cut a long story short, it has cost £1000 to fix and would have cost more if she hadn't been able to prove that the first garage she took it to had actually made matters worse instead of better.

Both kids have had colds while she is down there, so her nights have been rough to say the least. She even had to take Lucy to the doctor as she seemed very hot. The doctor said she has a cold and prescribed 2.5 ml of Calpol. Meanwhile I have been rattling around an empty house, trying to make myself useful but generally feeling a bit lost in the unfamiliar silence.

But tomorrow we'll all be home together again. Then we can get back to normality and all the joyful chaos that implies.