Thursday, October 18, 2007

We're still here!

I've been working daft hours recently. My hours in the office currently extend to the weekends, but more intrusively I have started to bring a laptop home. Consequently, time I might have spent writing this blog have found me woorking on, well, work.

Meanwhile life goes on. "Time and tide wait for no man". That thought has crossed my mind a lot recently, along with "no-one's last words were ever 'I wish I'd spent more time at the office'".

Lucy passed the 2 months mark earlier this week. She is sleeping (yes, sleep again!)from abut 10pm until 6am or 7am, although she does start murmuring about an hour or so before she wakes which means we rarely get as much sleep as she does. She has a bit of a feeding frenzy in the evening and sleeps in after her 6am feed until around 10am or 11am, so she's going 12 hours with a feed in the middle really. (By the way this laptop's keyboard is knackered, so you'll find this post has a near random number oof letter "o"s. And I can't be bothered too correct them any more so do forgive me!

The little lady is smiling lots. And talking too. Well, not words, obviously, but lots of lovely cooooing sounds. Tonight she fell asleep on a pillow on my lap and when she woke after a few minutes she gave me the biggest smile. Priceless.

Oliver, on the other hand, has finally reversed the trend of the last 15 months or so and become an absolute Mummy's boy. I thought he had started to do this a few weeks ago, but it was a false start. This time there's no doubt. He demands that Hayley give him his bedtime milk EVERY night at the moment. We can't afford to let him do that every night, as some nights Hayley might be out, and anyway he'll think he's in charge... even more than he does already!

His current big thing is "that's MY toy..." or "book" or "dinner" or whatever. He shouts it at the top of his lungs. His behaviour varies from headstrong to angelic. But mostly he is still adorable and I have too steel myself too be strict with him when I used to find it easy. Perhaps that's because he is less adoring of his Daddy and less readily compliant at this age.

One thing is for sure, he is a very loving big brother. He is always nice to his sister, which is lovely to see.