Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Probably as a result of Hayley's long stay in the colonies, she really enjoys Halloween and looks forward to the kids coming round and asking (or should that be 'threatening') "trick or treat"?

Well this year she decided it was time Oliver made a start on his Trick or Treating career. So he dressed up in his best pumpkin outfit, grabbed his pumpkin bucket to collect his treats and off we toddled to knock on the doors of a few of our friends and neighbours. Even Lucy came along, carried by yours truly in the Baby Bjorn sling. She seemed to quite enjoy it, though admittedly the fresh air sent her to sleep after about ten minutes.

At the first house we visited we found a bit of halloween party going on and were invited in to join the fun for a few minutes. Perhaps Oliver imagined this was the norm as he invited himself straight into his friend Ben's house when we arrived there (see video above).

Most people answered the door, though a few didn't. Those that answered the door often were prepared with a plastic bucket of sweets at the ready.

When we got home Oliver was disappointed to discover that he was only allowed one of his treats and would have to be a good boy each day to get another one.

After he went to bed we had a visit from his friend Alberto with his big sister and his Dad. But they were the only other visitors that evening. Hayley was most disappointed. Consequently, I type this with a mouthful of sugary lolly and a bag of uncollected treats close at hand. It could be a long night.