Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My girls

Five things about Lucy at eleven weeks old (tomorrow).
  • They say young babies cry 3 hours a day. In Lucy's case I'd have to say she hardly ever cries these days and if there's anything she does for 3 hours a day it's probably smiling.

  • Lucy loves the baby-gym. It's the same one as Oliver used to play under, but in keeping with her generally more placid nature comapred to Oliver, she enjoys playing under there for longer than he did and even seems a bit more vigorous than I remember Oliver at the same age.

  • Lucy's eyelashes have started to grow longer and more like her big brother's. I sincerely hope this turns out to be the case because otherwise she would probably be understandably jealous of the little man's lashes. As a friends Aunt once put it, "look at those lashes, what a waste, it's criminal on a boy".

  • Lucy is currently enjoying the use of our fried Sarah's buggy. Hayley has swapped with them for a while because this one is backward facing, so Lucy can lie down and still see Hayley as she pushes her along. (Sadly I haven't had chance to take her out by myself since we swapped.)

  • Lucy is sleeping like a dream at the moment. She is starting her last bottle a bit earlier, around 8.30-9.00pm, but still goes through the night until as late as 8am some mornings. Long may it continue!

    Donna said...

    That is one gorgeous photograph :)

    Steve said...

    I know I'm biassed but I have to agree. :)

    I think it's one of those rare pictures that really captures a feeling.

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