Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nine togs!


Oliver got a new quilt yesterday, a light, fluffy and promising the full nine togs. TO try to enthuse Oliver about this new purchase I got into his cot. It seemed to do the trick.

Oliver always seems to get hot and sweaty in the first couple of hours after he goes to bed, almost regardless of how cold or warm I make his room. Last night he was so sweaty around his head an neck I changed his pillow (not for the first time).

Normally, with his 4 tog quilt, I have been using an oil-filed radiator to keep his room at the nominally correct temperature for the quilt and/or adding a blanket. Last night with this new fluffy cloud of luxurious insulation around him I left all heating off. Despite him still having a bit of a cold, he slept like a log all night. This was partcularly remarkable as the previous night he had cried out for me and needed me to go in and reassure him no less than eight times, spread evenly and agonsisingly throughout the night.

But that's another story. I can only hope this quilt continues to work its magic on the little man.