Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bedtime Bop

I had been intending my first public performance on my ukulele to be a well rehearsed and polished little show, possibly even premiering one of my own compositions.

However, tonight after I persuaded Oliver to leave his bath by coming and playing ukulele with Daddy, Hayley turned up with a camera and captured our fun.

As Oliver is so fond of Gus and Fin's version of Blitzkrieg Bop, he had no trouble dropping in on cue when I started to mimic it. And his cuteness hopefully makes up for the fact that I haven't learned all the chords nor half the words.

(And yes it is very dark. We don't live in a cave, the light was dimmed a little for bedtime.)


Dan said...

Bloody Marvelous!

Would you mind if I stole this for Sunday's UkeTube?

Anonymous said...

OMG, that's sooooo cute. LOL. Lil' Oliver really knows how to rock out in that ukulele of his. Next, he'll be throwing himself into the crowd ;-)

Steve said...

Dan, We would be flattered if you were to use it! We do plan a further gig in the spare room before Saturday so I'll let you know if there's a better lit performance for your editorial consideration.

Alice, LOL, I love the way he handles the uke. He'll be doing a Hendrix and setting fire to it at this rate.

Anonymous said...

Faaantastic ! Oliver's New Army of female fans is already gathering.
This will be the customary 'peep into the past'played, when Oliver steps up at the 2024 Brits Award ceremony !
P.S .Wanting to get in on the act, there is an offer on the table to improve the lighting Starlight Music .

Anonymous said...

Gabba Gabba Hey!! i thought he was goign to smash the guitar at the end.

Managing to be Punk rawwwk with a pink ukelele? the kids got it :)

Steve said...

I intend to continue his punk rock education. Is there such a thing as "The Clash for Ukulele Songbook"?

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