Saturday, January 03, 2009

Chicken Pox medication

Please note that I have no medical expertise and the following post is my personal recollection of advice received from pharmacists. It is for my own reference and is not an offering of advice to others.

Both kids have been having a Aqueous Calamine cream applied regularly to ease the itching. The aqueous form apparently also reduces scarring.

They have both been having Calpol for the general discomfort.

Oliver has been having Piriton, but one of the pharmacists said it was no longer recommended for children under two years old. The box said it was OK and another pharmacist said they knew of no such advice. Consequently we gave it to her only once at the height of her discomfort.

Finally Oliver has had another cream, Eurax, which was given to us by friends whose little girl has just had chicken pox.