Friday, January 09, 2009

Best intentions and best laid plans

After the Christmas break, Oliver has for the first time been a bit upset at going to his nursery. It's happened the last couple of days. His teacher tells us he always settles within 5 minutes.

Last night, knowing he might not be keen to go, I said to him that if he went to nursery today I would come and pick him up. Then this morning when Hayley dropped him off he checked with her that I was going to pick him up.

So I went to collect him this afternoon full of anticipation. When his teacher brought him out to the room where parents wait to pick up, he saw me and said with a look of real disappointment "Oh no, I wanted my Mummy to pick me up". It was so sincere that I gained the amused sympathy of the other waiting parents. He did then cheer up but it was an ironic twist after I had quit work early (well, after only 8 hours) especially to make sure I kept my promise.