Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Teeny guitar

I have already lost access to my ukelele, at least when the kids are around. Oliver in particular has really taken to it. "Can I play your teeny guitar?" he asks in his cutest voice.

He watched the YouTube video of Blitzkrieg Bop played on ukeleles that Dan posted the other day. Watching has now become a nightly ritual. Here he is playing along with Lucy dancing on Mummy's knee in the background.

The funny thing is that I once saw The Ramones in concert in the mid-80s and they played everything about twice as fast as on their records, which is more or less what these guys are doing. The difference is that it really works on ukeleles!


Anonymous said...

what you SHOULD check out is this

the ukelele orchestra of great britain

also, on YouTube, find the guy playing "While my guitar gently weeps" on a uke. YOu might want to sit down first ...

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