Friday, January 23, 2009

Curly Girly


Lucy can be fiercely independent. It's already well documented that she stomps around the house as if she owns it and appropriates whatever toy she might see Oliver playing with if she feels like it.

But this week she has added to these displays of assertiveness. Firstly when I put her to bed the other night she insisted on holding her milk herself. I wasn't allowed to help at all. If I put my hands near it she batted them away as she drank. I sat there feeling somewhat redundant, but also amused and impressed.

Then she decided that after months of protests, screaming and running away when we try to dry her hair after her bath, she would instead dry it herself. Here she is demonstrating this new skill whilst also showing off her natural curliness.


Anonymous said...

heheh.... Curly-Lu and her head full of curls are SOOOOO cute. Lucy looks like a teeny tiny grown up drying her hair all by herself. Adorable.

Steve said...

She already THINKS she is a grown-up. :-)

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