Monday, January 12, 2009

Would it kill ya to comment?

It's annual de-lurker day, so leave a comment or else!

Or else what? Well, heck, I'll head off into a black hole of cyberspace and take this blog with me.

Whaddya mean you don't care!


Dan said...

I'm not sure I'd classify myself as a lurker, but I'm here.

Anonymous said...

It's sometimes better that no comment is passed , and you write a great blog which I enjoy .... keep it up

Anonymous said...

Darn my friends and family for getting me started on Myspace and Facebook. That's where my *ehem* "research" initially began (but I do leave my footprint on blogs or photos that interest me... =)

Anonymous said...

A lurker? I don't think so,sounds predatory and you can't have a predatory' nannie' can you?
Reading the blog provides me with the information that time and distance conceal.I can share,empathise with the stories and events but most of all I can re-run moments like 'do you want a yogurt Oliver ?' Yeth please, yeth please...or
that uke solo that brought me to tears.More seriously,I wrote to my MP! Yes, I was inspired to write my own personal letter..I am after all a nannie and remember 1967 too.

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