Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've got another uke!

Whay have one uke when you could have two! Isn't she a beauty!

In fact this indulgence was not of my making. I had been mulling over the option of treating myself to a better instrument after buying the cheapest option a couple of weeks ago. Imagine my surprise when I came home to find my darling fiancee had been out and bought it for me!

This means I will be obliged to learn more chords and put more effort into playing it. Oh the burden of it. How will I cope.

Oliver is now very happy to have inherited the pink ukulele. Or as he calls it "my (teeny) guitar".


Dan said...

Very nice.

I bought myself a new one too, a tenor uke to easer fit my fat fingers on it. It feels about 200% better to play than my cheaper one

I'm not doing as well as I was with my practicing though, managing only roughly every other day. i need to step it up a bit.

I imagine your guitar skills will be pretty transferable.

Have you seen There is an option to click that shows you all the chord shapes for each song for a C tuned uke (among a host of other different instruments)

Steve said...

Dan, A tenor ukulele? Get thee behind me Satan! I'll be awash with banjos and sitars at this rate if I follow your lead any further!

Thanks for the website. I've been using this page for my chords.

I wish my guitar playing transferred a bit more. I too struggle a little with the narrow neck and with the tuning too. I reckon even my better uke is not as in tune as it should be!

Anonymous said...

Can't beat a banjo. I have a lovely one under the bed which REALLY needs moer attention.

Of course, you really should be expanding and encouraging your children to diversify. Into something like this

you KNOW you want to ...

Steve said...

Banjo? Yes.
Drum kit? No. Well not at that price.

He saw a children's size kit in the music shop the other day. £155. (Gulp!) A bit better than the one you'd get from Toys R Us but even so...

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