Sunday, October 22, 2006

All the best toys...

Future chef?

All the best toys are not toys at all! Our living room has a large box which is literally overflowing with toys. So what does Oliver play with? The pots and pans in the cupboard of course. And the door to the cupboard itself which he swings open and shut repeatedly.

Other great "toys" include:
  • the TV which is great for turning on and off when Daddy is trying to watch something trivial like, say, live coverage of Man Utd vs Liverpool

  • the telephone which has an interesting backlit hands-free button (resulting in several inadvertent phone calls)

  • In my room, making some calls...

  • the Sky remote control which has a worrying tendency to select obscure pay-per-view channels when in Oliver's hands. (That's my excuse when the bill comes in and I'm sticking with it.)

  • the Dust-buster vaccuum cleaner which he helpfully uses with varying degrees of effectiveness

  • Our helpful son

  • Mummy's expensive scented candles in heavy glass holders which have to be removed from the table at every oportunity.

  • the controls on the oil heater in the conservatory resulting in tropical temperatures and the imminent purchase of a fireguard

  • Still, he has to explore to learn. At least to date he hasn't repeated my early experiment with un-cooked eggs by dropping them on the kitchen floor to smash.


    Reservoir Mog said...

    Oh for heaven's sake GIVE HIM THE PANS! He could be the Jamie Oliver of his generation, don't put him off now.

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