Sunday, October 08, 2006

A day out with Thomas!

Oliver, Daddy and Thomas

You don't have to read too much of this blog to realise that Oliver loves Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. So imagine how excited he was when we took him to ride on Thomas himself! (Thanks to Donna for the tip off about the day!) Oliver's friend Jack also came along with his parents, Manny and Sara.

Oliver's face was a picture when we arrived at the station and he saw the giant inflatable Thomas (a kind of Thomas bouncy castle). But when he saw Thomas himself on the tracks he grinned a mile wide and did his impression of Thomas's whistle (which is sort of two short shouts) before attempting to climb down from my arms, presumably to head over the tracks to see him.

He got to a short ride on Thomas and a lollipop, plus a longer ride on another steam train when we trekked over to Ramsbottom where we had lunch.

Hayley and Oliver

It was a great day out (even if £11.50 each for adults was a bit steep). There are more pictures from the day here.

Oliver and Daddy