Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Mummy not superhuman" shock

Yesterday for the first time Hayley woke up to find herself feeling so full of a flu-type bug that she had to ask me to stay off work and look after Oliver. It is normally me who succumbs easily to any passing bug or virus whereas she soldiers on apparently immune to infection of any kind.

Oliver took this as an opportunity to:
- fill his nappy the moment I had put his breakfast on the table
- fill his nappy for a "bonus" second time the moment I got to Somerfield with him.
- abandon his usual habit of going for a nap without protest in favour of a long crying session.

Hayley - who was woken by the racket - assured me this last problem was because I am so much fun and he doesn't want to be parted from me. She's such a sweet-talker.