Thursday, October 26, 2006

Walking: it's the way forward

This morning before I left for work Hayley saw Oliver walk without prompting across the room for the first time. He was standing up against the coffee table and decided to go and see Mummy who was sitting against the sofa. But instead of dropping to all fours and crawling as he usually would, he walked the 4 or 5 steps across the room to greet her.

It's the first time he has decided to travel on two feet for a distance further than "diving" distance (ie two steps and a dive). Previously he has only walked this far when we start him walking with our hands around him then let go.

This evening he walked un-prompted and unaided across the kitchen from the cooker to the sink. He staggered slowly with his arms outstretched - zombie fashion! - until he reached the sink where Hayley was standing. She looked down at him open-mouthed with delight and told him how clever he was. He laughed, excited and pleased with himself.


Anonymous said...

looks like you've lost a baby and found a toddler. Time to put the valuables up a shelf.

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