Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween - This is not America (unfortunately)

Halloween Lantern

It's Halloween. Time for "Trick or Treat"! Well, that may be true in Connecticut where Hayley lived for some years, but here in our part of Stockport it seems to be sadly out of fashion.

Hayley made a pumpkin lantern with Oliver at the weekend, placed it in the window this evening and was ready with treats for the Halloween visitors. So how many times did we get the tell-tale knock on the door? Once! There were two little girls dressed rather like Cinderella. Nothing too scary at all. (Bless them.) And this was at 8pm, long after Oliver was sound asleep in bed.

So all in all a bit of a let down. But at least the two girls got a handful of lollys instead of the one each we'd budgeted.

Lantern in the window
Lantern in the window


Dan said...

We didn't get any either. Greg got over 150 when I had a webcam chat with him last night, and it was only 7pm over there. Difference between America and England I guess. Mind you, he did have his entire garden decked out with stobe lighting and mummies and the like. He he even had a fog machine.

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