Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fab Weekend

The boys love pizza

As I type I can hear Oliver thundering around upstairs on all fours laughiiing as he goes while his Mummy has a shower. Now he has crawled into the bathroom to join her and is enjoying his bedtime shower. I should be making a better fist of tidying the kitchen but I couldn't let this moment pass without capturing it.

We've had a great weekend (despite an unpleasant little incident last night) and we haven't really done anything very special. Oliver has been such fun and we spent more time together than usual: our happy trio has shared all but an hour of the weekend.

Yesterday saw us take a trip to Pizza Hut. Both Oliver and I love bread so it's unsurprising that we also love pizzas. Then we walked with him around Maplin. He loves having each of us hold one hand at either side of him. Occasionally we count "one, two, three..." then swing him in the air. It doubles not only as a beautiful picture-book family moment but an excellent way to speed up progress along the pavement from half a mile per hour to about three.

Today has been fairly grey and damp. Apart from a brief playdate with Isabella this morning and a trip to Somerfield he has been at home with us most of the day. He played with us or amused himself (while I watched football - Utd 2 Liverpool 0), napped for half an hour and ate a good sized dinner to boot.

He's so expressive now. Even an interesting frying pan can elicit an excited "WoooOOOoooo" and a chuckle. And he's absorbing things we say and do like a sponge. THis weekend he has added puckering up to give kisses and also blowing kisses. No doubt this will be done willy nilly to passers by. Etiquette tends to pass one year olds by.

This evening has been marked by him sitting next to us on the sofa eating an apple (from last weekend) while Hayley and I ate our dinners next to him. This soon evolved into Oliver trying to get a chunk of my veggie burger but he did it in such a friendly and un-whiney way that it was as much fun as any game we'd played.

After dinner there was time for reading (Thomas books and animal pop-up books) before a game of Chase. He starts it by crawling at high speed to the door then looking back at me as if to say "come on!". The moment I lurch forward on all fours he laughs excitedly and scurries off. If I catch him I eatiher tickle him or let him escape under my legs. He absolutely loves this game. His excitement at being chased and his potential capture is plain to see.

FInally we had a little wind-down time then asked him "WOuld you like a shower?", "Yes", he replied. So off he crawled up the stairs with Mummy "chasing" him for his shower.

[20 minutes later]
I've just been up with him while Hayley gave him his milk. It seemed the best way to end the weekend, all together. He's emitting the occasional sleepy grumble quietly now in his cot. I can't blame him. It's the sort of weekend you don't want to end.