Saturday, October 14, 2006

"That's 5 small steps for the little man,... giant grin for Mummy and Daddy".

OK, it's not quite walking on the moon, but today Oliver has started to realise that walking can be more than just falling forwards for a couple of steps and it needn't involve holding Mummy or Daddy's hand. Today at "Bounce and Rhyme" he took about four steady consecutive steps. Tonight he repeated the feat a couple of times and then took 5 steps. This is the first time he has really looked steady on his feet far a few feet at a time.

Until now his walking has been triggered by us tricking him into walking from one of us to the other so that he realises he can do it. Normally his walks start by grabbing my hand, but I sense that is about to change: he'll just be up and off. It's another level of independence for the little man, which is great. It's also a bit more work for us to keep up with him. It's a good job they say it keeps you young.