Monday, October 02, 2006

Soppy Daddy #1

Monday night is Hayley's night to do as she pleases and mine to put Oliver to bed. So it's the one night of the week I am guaranteed to give him his bedtime milk and consequently get a cuddle from the little man as that's one of his bedtime habits.

Tonight Hayley decided to stay home til he had gone to bed as he has been a bit poorly today (runny nose, a bit grumpy). She sat next to me on the sofa-bed while Oliver sat on my knee and I gave him his milk. When it came time for him to have a cuddle half way through his bottle, instead of turning to me he turned to Hayley and reached out to her. Hayley didn't need a second invitation and promptly stole my only guaranteed cuddles of the week: she's a cuddle thief!

I can't complain though. He still protests about going to Hayley in the mornings once I have picked him up, so I suppose we each get our share of his affections. Mummy gets evening cuddles. Daddy's his morning taxi.