Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bottles and Dummies

Yesterday the health visitor (finally) visited Hayley. She told Hayley she was doing everything right, but more importantly advised her to do whatever worked for us as a family. That includes giving Lucy formula if necesary and also using a dummy if we want to.

We've contemplated both but to be honest it would have been nice not to need either. But last night we decided that (especially in light of Hayley's mastitis) we would give Lucy a bottle of Aptamil as her last feed of the day. This allows me to take some of the load when it comes to feeding. It also means that I spend more time with a contented Lucy and not just a grouchy Lucy who really just wants the parent with breasts!

We also offered her a dummy when she got very whiney and hard to settle, as she often does during the evening (like many babies). But it turned out she needed a feed a bit earlier than expected, so we don't know yet whether she'll take to a dummy or not.

She seems to be settling into a habit of feeding up during the evening. Last night her last feed around 10pm was the bottle of Aptamil I gave her. After it she was very dopey but we managed to wake her for a few seconds to put her in ther crib. (The idea is that she doesn't wake up somehwere diferent to where she fell aslepp and wonder where she is.)

She then slept until 4am. Fan-tas-tic! In fact she only really woke at 4.30 but once she started making noises at 4.00 Hayley and I lay there half-expecting to have to get out of bed at any moment. The trigger to get out of bed was a cry that might have been loud enough to wake Oliver. That seemed like confimration that she really was hungry and not just going to carry on as she had for the preceding half hour: grunting and expelling wind from her bottom!


Anonymous said...

Hello to one of our favorite families! This will sound funny and look even odder, but it works wonders for mastitis. Soak disposable diapers with very warm water and let them wrap round your breasts. You have warm moist heat that doesn't leave you soaking wet like a wash cloth does. I still remember the relief.

Lots of Love from all the Nohres.

PS we have it all figured out that you have to come over for your summer holidays next year, because it will be the last time you could fly here with both children flying free.

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