Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Personality Test

Recently, Dan over at All That Comes With It posted a quiz allowing the reader to assess which member of his family they resembled the most and hence where they'd fit in his family.

This set me thinking about the characteristics of my own family. But I quickly realised that fitting in with me or Hayley is less important than fitting in with the little man's peers. So I wrote my own very short questionairre to help you work out where you'd fit into the Heaton Moor toddler social hierarchy.

Question 1: You are at a friend's 2nd birthday party. The first thing you do is...

a) head into the garden and play with the plastic golf clubs, chipping neatly out of the sandpit with your first shot and going on to break the course record for the garden.
b) nothing that would draw attention to yourself. Then when no-one is looking you steal a chocolate biscuit from the table. You repeat at intervals until caught.
c) smile adorably at Oliver, who (sadly) ignores you.
d) find a heavy object and hit Oliver over the head with it.

Question 2: Your parents make you leave the party earlier than you'd like. On the way out you...

a) make a dart for the table and then do laps of it, out-pacing your Mum and evading capture for several minutes
b) assert your independence by addressing your father by his Christian name instead of "Daddy"
c) cry because you are being parted from Oliver
d) find a heavy object and hit Oliver over the head with it.

Question 3: Oliver has come to visit you for a play-date. Eager to impress, you...

a) jump two-footed into the air and chuckle madly
b) count up to 20 unaided
c) play nicely, sharing your toys and entertaining your guest
d) find a heavy object and hit Oliver over the head with it.

So how did you fair?!

Mostly a). You are Jack. Your Dad is a sports coach. You will win Gold in the Decathlon at the 2032 Olympic games.

Mostly b). You are Isabella. You are a child genius with a criminal streak. You have a bright career in internet banking fraud ahead of you.

Mostly c). You are Isabel. You are pretty, well-mannered and you don't know it yet but you are Oliver's future wife (if his Dad has anything to do with it).

Mostly d). You are Niamh. Your ASBO is due to come into force any day now.


Donna said...

It must be something in the name! My colleague read this over my shoulder, her daughter is called Niamh. Although to be honest, I'd say our Niahm is more of an Isabella... international banking fraud for Niamh, she likes learning languages, shame to waste it :) Or a soccer agent....

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