Saturday, September 08, 2007

Oliver's 2nd Birthday

Mr Serious: two years old today

Oliver turned 2 years old today. He had a party at our house with about 10 of his friends. There are lots of pictures from the day here.

At first he was rather clingy, refusing to leave my side. But after a while he warmed to the occasion, leading activities on the slide and feasting on the food we had prepared (well, Hayley did most of it to be honest). The ice-creams went down particularly well.


Only occasionally could he be heard reminding a party-goer "that's my train!". Usually it was when they were headed for the sandpit with his brand new Ninky Nonk, so he probably had a point.

When we brought the cake out and sang Happy Birthday to him, he duly blew out the candles (with a little covert help from me) and said "again!". Later we obliged him by repeating the ceremony after dinner with the last remaining pieces of the cake.

As the day ended and he headed off to bed, he told us "Nice time". I'd have to agree.



Anonymous said...

Wow, two. It goes fast doesn't it.

Donna said...

What is a Ninky Nonk? Am assuming it's a train from the context of the text, but am not so sure. Remember some of us don't have a small child to translate for us!

Donna said...

And now he's two, and nearly grown-up, get something more mature than the highchair on the Lilypie sticker :)

Do they have a Ninky Noo?

Steve said...

Hi Donna,

A Ninky Nonk is a "train" from the rather wonderful CBeebies programme "In the Night Garden". I plan to do a whole post on this wonderful programme just as soon as I get half a night's sleep.

The choice of icons for the Lilypie ticker is a bit limited. (And in my defence he used a highchair this lunchtime when we dining out for lunch.) The most appropriate thing at the moment would be a set of sprinters blocks, as he spends a good amount of the day saying "ready, set, go!" and then dashing off like Lynford Christie.

Donna said...

If he's learnt to sprint, you concentrate on the sleeping bit and I'll find 'In the Night Garden' on the web!

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